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Falac - partnership with Ianus Italia

In 2013 FALAC met the Architect Lorenzo Fedrigoli, designer and head of technical development in IANUS ITALIA an innovative company in decor and lighting, who expressed the desire to improve the quality of the metal components of its collection lamps, characterised by a new type of a light diffuser made from JASTONE, marble and glass laminated panel.
FALAC, immediately saw an innovative product, to be presented in the lighting and furniture sector.


This meeting gave life to an agreement based on cooperation, exchange and aggregation between the two companies to achieve common goals of increased innovation and business competitiviness.
IANUS ITALIA exclusively shares products in JASTONE with FALAC to make bright and non bright furnishings, to be marketed independently by the two companies.
The new material has been given the name of JASTONE, the JANUS Stone, reinterpreting an ancient Italic god. The product achieved with a variety of stone materials is a laminated element, that is compact, lightweight and durable, of a total minimum thickness of 6 mm. The hardening procedure of the glass rigid support, boosts the physical-mechanical characteristics of normal glass by up to 6 times.
The transparent binder film interposed between the two layers, stone and glass, gives the panel the characteristics of being shatter-proof, holding the fragments in case of breakage.


Over a long experimental process and especially of research, IANUS ITALIA has registered and obtained several patents, using which it has made laminated panels in stone and glass materials, transforming them into architectural elements, furniture and lighting.

The “Tempered System” patent is also very important for the high reliability qualities that it provides the product. The patents of IANUS ITALIA are all industrial, with a duration of twenty years and deposited with European legislation.

FALAC has the use of the patents in concession.

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