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Floor Lamps and Wall Lights

Piantane e lampade da muro

Our Floor Lamps

Design: G. Bonso
L: 43 cm – P: 43 cm – H: 170 cm

Floor lamp with brass structure, circular base in brass and finished in brushed light burnished supported by marble plate. Octagonal lampshade in bright JASTONE with brass bottom edge, containing supporting panel in transparent methacrylate, upper diffuser in matt methacrylate.

Floor lamp STILL

Design: : L. Fedrigoli – G. Bonso
L: 33 cm – P: 18 cm – H: 163 cm

Floor lamp with brass frame, brushed bronze finish, and constructive details of melting, fivesided lampshade in bright JASTONE, applied on the supporting structure by drillings in the lateral sides.

Design: G. Bonso
L: 37 cm – P: 27 cm – H: 180 cm

Floor lamp with 24k golden metal structure and laser engraved on the rear wall. The faces in bright JASTONE, are supported by the structure which also houses a bright methacrylate vertical element on the front profile.
The methacrylate also characterises the top cover that is also illuminated by a led spot lamp.

Wall lights

Wall light MEDEIS

Design: M. Simionato
L: 70 cm – P: 16 cm – H: 30 cm

Wall lamp with brass frame and finished with dark satin bronze. The panel in bright JASTONE, called “Solid Light” front diffuses the LED light through the marble, laterally and on the rear facade. This product can be made in lengths of up to 2 metres.

Wall light SOUVENIR

Design: L. Fedrigoli
L: 22 cm – P: 30 cm – H: 40 cm

Wall lamp with brushed burnished brass structure, lamp shade in bright JASTONE with matt marble lower edge. The lampshade with support plate made of transparent methacrylate, is fixed to the structure by the support plate.

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