Falac - Lighting Creations

DISCOVER MORECUSTOM SOLUTIONSRealization of custom-made lamps
SCOPRI DI PIÙTABLE LAMPSOur collections of table lamps
DISCOVER MOREFLOOR LAMPSOur collections of floor lamps
DISCOVER MOREAND SO ONOur collections of wall lamps, lighting tables and illuminating experiences.

A new dimension in lighting

The lifestyle, the decor and the people who live it shape the uniqueness of each space, and light becomes the means to enhance the unique story and tell its details.

For over 40 years, Falac has been studying light to fabricate unique creations that blend the craftsmanship of Made in Italy with the most precious materials and the most advanced techniques.

Elegant and luxurious lighting solutions with meticulous attention to the slightest details that take shape from our hands or from customers’ ideas to illuminate environments for a unique experience.

Confer a touch of luxury with our unique pieces and create an experience where the light is not only a source of illumination but a way of living.

Your space needs unique lighting

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