Excellence in every creation

Finding collaborations that can evolve and bring excellence to each realization is part of Falac’s mission.

The meeting in 2013 with Architect Lorenzo Fedrigoli, designer and technical development manager of IANUS ITALIA, innovative furniture and lighting company, resulted in a collaboration that not only improves the quality of the metal components of its lamp collections but also shares the common goals of innovation and competitiveness.

A collaboration that has resulted in an exclusive product on the market and the filing of numerous patents that not only make each realization more reliable but also transform it into innovative furnishing elements between architecture and lighting.


The continuous and experimental research paths have led IANUS ITALIA to file and obtain several patents with which layered panels made of stone and glass material have been produced, transforming them into architectural, furnishing and lighting elements.

Thanks also to the ‘Tempered System’ patent, the panels become more resistant, increasing the reliability and safety of the products.

Each patent is industrial, with a duration of 20 years and filed according to European regulations. Falac has the concession to use the patents.


A new way of diffusing and creating light with JASTONE, a layered marble and glass panel named after the two-faced GIANO stone, reinterpreting an ancient Italic divinity.

The exclusive product, with a minimum thickness of 6 mm, is a stratified element, compact, light and resistant thanks to a transparent film placed between the stone and glass that makes it shatterproof, retaining fragments in case of breakage. In addition, the innovative tempering system of the glass amplifies its physical-mechanical characteristics by up to 6 times compared to average glass.

You can customize JASTONE by choosing from a wide variety of stone materials to create exclusive products such as lighting solutions as well as furnishing accessories for a unique interior design style.


From the technological evolution of marble to the combination with the most innovative patents, a multitude of applications for JASTONE has arisen linked to the material’s peculiar color depth. 

Crossed by light thanks to LED lighting systems, it can create an incomparable result, proposing new aesthetic canons and an innovative design that adapts to any space and style with original and exclusive pieces.

As in every Falac creation, the keywords are difference, uniqueness and feeling. Each piece initiates from the customer’s needs and ideas, which are the focus of attention from design to production.


SEAMPLY trusted Falac for the realisation of some of its projects.
SEAMPLY’s creative and design skills are combined with Falac’s Italian manufacturing expertise to produce unique pieces specifically tailored to customer needs.

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