About Us

Lighting Creations since 1980

Giancarlo Bonso started Falac in the 1980s.

As a chiseller, he specialized and delved into the world of the most advanced materials and processing techniques to create unique lighting solutions from the most classic to contemporary styles of all sizes.

The same passion for craftsmanship and research is later shared by Giancarlo’s daughter Martina, who joins the company, bringing with her even more careful research and precision of detail to offer their customers superior quality.

Moreover, Falac has always chosen to offer its customers a product made entirely in Italy: from design to manufacture, each solution is the result of artisanal production using the best Italian artisans.

Continuous research and innovation driven by the desire to evolve our products towards consistently excellent quality has led the company to initiate several collaborations, such as with Ianus Italia.


Noble metals casting

Falac casts nobles metals to obtain exclusive parts using molds specially made for customer designs.


Glass is used as a classic element and in its most modern forms, enhancing its beauty, possibilities, and durability and harmoniously integrating it into many of Falac’s creations.


Nobles metal processing with the most advanced techniques for obtaining the finely finished manufactured products.

The finishing

The creations are mainly completed with the galvanising process, which allows the products to be further embellished by dressing them in 24 Kt. gold, chrome, silver or antiqued burnished. Creative finishes are also used thanks to the use of high quality paints in a variety of colours and textures.
The finishing of a product is not only for its beautiness but also for increasing its resistance to time.

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