Illuminating Experiences

The ongoing research and the numerous expressive possibilities of JASTONE led to the creation of new innovative furnishing elements dedicated to all rooms for a new way of living and lighting the home.


The OLTRE collection makes furniture pieces a new and innovative source of illumination: thanks to the veining of the stone materials, which are never the same, unique and unrepeatable plays of light are created, creating a warm and suggestive atmosphere.

Tables, consoles, sideboards, bookcases, containers and particular furniture, any complement can become a new source of light in tune with the evolution of design and more traditional styles for an exclusive signature.


    Design: L. Fedrigoli
    L: 192 cm – P: 50 cm – H: 87 cm


    Design: L. Fedrigoli
    L: 130 cm – P: 40 cm

  • RITMO circular

    Design: L. Fedrigoli
    till to diameter 120cm

  • RITMO square

    Design: L. Fedrigoli
    till to 120x120cm

  • RITMO rectangular

    Design: L. Fedrigoli
    till to 50x150cm


LUCENTE is an innovative modular system made of JASTONE panels fixed to a load-bearing metal structure with a light-transmitting system installed inside it to create an elegant and welcoming atmosphere in every room.

Each module is fully customizable and easy to set on the wall. It’s also possible to insert various accessories such as shelves, storage units, or other furnishings to create an exclusive atmosphere and to take advantage of the space.

Chiama Ora