Illuminating Tables

From the partnership with IANUS ITALIA, Falac has created an exclusive product in JASTONE: a flat surface of 11 mm made by tempered glass as load-bearing stand and marble for the aesthetic side.

A backlit surface giving elegance and creating atmosphere in any room thanks to the marble texture that creates unique light effects.

The table top also becomes a light diffuser and can be powered by rechargeable batteries to be used even where it would not be possible.

Every piece of the collection is unique because every marble surface has its own characteristic with thousand of colours and veins running through it.


Our collection

Tables and bedside tables with metal or wooden frames that, thanks to the JASTONE panel insert and the patented “INSIDE LIGHTED SLAB” with rechargeable batteries, enlighten the room, creating a soft and elegant atmosphere.


    Design: L. Fedrigoli
    L: 58 cm – P: 68 cm – H: 42 cm

    Small coffee table / bedside tables in oak walnut color and extractable drawer on guides. Blocking shelf formed by five JASTONE panels assembled in the corners with inner light diffuser.

  • SLIM

    Design: L. Fedrigoli
    L: 50 cm – P: 40 cm – H: 70 cm

    Small coffee table with steel structure and top in onyx with “LIGHTED SLAB” system with rechargeable batteries.


    Design: L. Fedrigoli
    L: 100 cm P: 100 cm H: 36 cm

    Coffee table with brass structure that supports the top made with “LIGHTED SLAB” system composed of elements in different materials.


    Design: L. Fedrigoli
    L: 150 cm – P: 60 cm – H: 31 cm

    Coffee table with structure in solid walnut containing the light diffuser in the central part of the top.

Chiama Ora